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Culebra: A Brief Primer

So, you want to visit the enchanted Culebra Island and stay on of our beautiful rental villas! Well, you have come to the right place! Culebra is the deserted island of the imagination, just the place you need to go to unwind and throw all the stress you may have. We hope that this little article motivates you to visit our paradise!

Some Interesting Culebra Facts

Basic Info. Located about nineteen miles east of Puerto Rico and eight miles north of Vieques, Culebra is the smallest of the inhabited Spanish Virgin Islands. She is seven miles long and 3 miles wide.

The Coat of Arms of Culebra clearly marks the most important events of the island's history and its religious backgroundCoat of Arms. The cross and staff represent San Ildefonso. The actual name Culebra is represented by the twisting green serpent. The three tower crown represents the municipality. The gold color corresponds to the Culebra flag that originated with the Committee Pro-Defense of Culebra.

Name. It was first called “Little Passage” by the French, Danish and British and later, it was colonized by the Spanish crown on October 27, 1880.  How it got the name of “Culebra” is still a mystery.  Some say it came from the name of the first settlement in Culebra.

Diving. Culebra is a great place to dive, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet. Beneath the water is a smorgasbord of sea life, from turtles to eels to sharks. Head out with an experienced team like Walter and Monica of Culebra Divers, and you won't regret the experience.

The Museum Visit. Rent a car, jeep, or golf cart and drive around the island. Stop in at the Museum of Culebra. The museum has archaeological material from ancient pre-Columbian peoples, remnants from the US Navy, old maps, pictures, and information about Culebra’s history.

Flamenco Beach. A picture-perfect of white sand framed by green hills is one of the most beautiful places in all of Puerto Rico. This is a large beach that comfortably accommodates the tourists who come for its tranquil, multi-hued water and wide beachfront. The Discovery Channel named it the second most beautiful beach in the world.

Turtles. You are almost guaranteed to swim alongside a sea turtle just off the rocky end of Tamarindo Beach. And not just 1; they are often spotted in the waters headed toward Vieques, Culebra’s sister island, in the distance. That’s because much of Culebra was declared a protected wildlife refuge by Theodore Roosevelt in 1909.

Food. Food in Culebra is, because of the isolation from the 'main island' and the lack of agriculture, somewhat different from the 'main island' of Puerto Rico. Most people have a small garden where they grow their own mangos, papayas, guineos (bananas) and citrus. Puerto Rican cooking has Spanish, African, Arawak and Taíno influences.

But Is Culebra Really for You?

Of course, you may not be the type to enjoy exotic islands – but on the other hand, you probably are! Of course, maybe you're a regular type who would rather go to an online casino real money website for some down time, and that is fine; however, if you're looking for something unexpected, something enchanting – Culebra has to offer a multitude of interesting activities. However, it's stunning nature is what makes it so famous, and so loved by tourists all over the world.