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Culebra Beach: Mixing Business With Pleasure

“Sorry, I don’t mix business with pleasure“. How many times do you recall having heard this line in a movie you watched? While the saying is most commonly used in relation to movie characters who work together professionally, but avoid getting involved at a personal level so they do not jeopardize their business, it can be used in different other contexts as well. For example, traveling somewhere exotic on vacation and bringing your laptop along for work reasons is a case of mixing business with pleasure. Unfortunately, this happens to more and more people nowadays, precisely because of hectic work schedules and the feeling that we have too little time to get everything done and separate our personal life from our professional life.

But do you think doing business with friends, or making money out of something that also happens to be your hobby are good ideas? When was the last time you went on vacation and packed your work with you? If you are currently planning a trip to the Culebra Beach, here are a ideas on how to successfully mix business with pleasure if you absolutely must do it.

Search For The Win-Win Scenario

  • Maybe you can work while your spouse, partner, or family are sleeping, resting in the afternoon, or enjoying some activities you weren’t going to be a part in to begin with. This could help you feel less guilty or stressed out about having to work while on a gorgeous beach like Culebra, enjoying or at least trying to enjoy your vacation.
  • If you are an affiliate marketer and you work together with a giant brand like Ladbrokes, your work is prone to be simpler and less frustrating or demanding from day one. Since the brand is an already accomplished one with millions of fans and registered players all around the globe, promoting it should come easy. This means you should not have to spend as much time working on your vacation.
  • Plus, if you have chosen to promote a vertical like their games, bingo, lottery, slots, poker, casino, or sports betting websites, and you are also a fan of the respective type of game, you can rest assured that you will feel time flying a lot faster. It will not basically feel like working as long as you do something you enjoy doing, such as promoting a gaming website and talking about the great time you had on it or the news skills and tricks you learned.
  • Add a Ladbrokes banner or link taking readers back to the original Ladbrokes website and your work is completed.
  • You can take a look at the news’ section of the Ladbrokes site here http://www.ladbrokespartners.com/news and see if you can find any inspiration for the upcoming news stories on your blog or website.

Do Not Hesitate To Ask For Help

When forced to grab your laptop and do some work while on vacation, far away from everyone, the last thing you want is to come across a problem you cannot find a solution to on your own. Instead of feeling frustrated about it and wasting precious hours or entire days trying to solve the problem by yourself, you are highly advised to ask for help. Going back to the affiliate program example, do not hesitate to get in touch with your personal account manager and ask for guidance.