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Culebra Beach Safety Tips

Have you already booked accommodation for your next Culebra Beach vacation? If you have never been here before, you will find our quality management services extremely useful. We like to keep things short and simple, so we are going to let you know that in case you are scheduled to arrive sometime after 5:30 when our management team is off the clock, you are advised to call (787) 742-0319 so you can make all the necessary arrangements of picking up your key. For those of you who are interested in taking a look at the detailed instructions to follow as well as the full layout of the Culebra Beach properties since day one, we invite you to check the office door for all the information you need. This should ensure your safe stay with us, and so should these following tips we recommend you read before your arrival here.Authorized Locksmith

Arriving Safely On Our Property

The check-in time is after 4PM, and there is no possibility of us providing you with early check in hours. Nevertheless, we want to make sure that your waiting period is as easy as possible, so we are going to enable you access to a storage space where you will be able to keep your luggage while your room will be cleaned and prepared for your arrival. Make sure you have your confirmation number and identification details necessary for your check in. You can rest assured that your personal belongings will be kept completely safe inside our special storage room and that no one is going to have access to them besides you.

Check outs are done at 12PM, and if would like to set up a late departure arrangement, you will be able to request it the day before you will leave in exchange of a fee. You will also be asked to return the key to your unit as well as the Dish Network card to the Manager’s office. In case you have lost the key, you will be charged $45. While at home you might be able to get in touch with a nearby Authorized Locksmith and have them create a new duplicate key or rekey the lock on your front door, you will not be able to do this here. The Culebra Beach property managers are directly responsible for the fixing, rekeying, or replacing of any lost or broken keys via trained commercial locksmiths. Their services are similar to the ones you might also be familiar with, with the difference that you will not have to personally handle researching, contacting, and dealing with the actual locksmiths. You will need to simply report the fact that you have lost the key, cover the lost key fee and let us worry about what we are going to do next.

Further Safety Measures

In order for your complete safety to be ensured during your stay here with us, we will use a special bracelets systems used to identify guests. Since out units are exclusively designed to cater to the needs of our guests alone, we have a strict no-visitants policy. In order words, you can rest assured that no individual with criminal intentions will be allowed to get on the premises or inside your room.

Plus, the sturdy locks on the doors and our alert personnel should make you feel even more comfortable during your stay here. Even though the Island is a friendly place, you are highly advised to maintain your belongings inside your unit and lock it before leaving at the beach.