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Do Self-Catering Villas Cause More Headache?

There are two types of vacation travelers in this world: the ones who prefer staying at hotels where daily housecleaning is ensured by the personnel there, and those who opt for self-catering properties they can manage on their own. If you count among the latter or you would like to try the experience, we invite you to take a look at the self-catering Culebra Beach villas and apartments we have prepared for you. Enjoy your further lecture by learning why it is more advantageous to opt for self-catering when on vacation. 

Differences Between Hotels And Self-Catering Units

The difference between renting a hotel room or a self-catering unit relates to the type of cleaning services provided.  Hotels offer fresh towels, fresh bed sheets, soap, sanitary paper and trash bags constantly during your stay there. Self-catering units leave you with the personal option of maintaining your villa or not; keep in mind you will solely receive one time use sized toiletries and the rest of items previously mentioned. If you need more, you will need to personally buy them from the local shops around.

Advantages Of Self-Catering Units

However, this does not mean that the self-catering property you will rent will have any broken appliances or unusable TV sets, refrigerators, or locks on the doors. Everything has been carefully checked for damage and repaired the second the old set of tourists has left the grounds. So you will not have to worry about personally looking for a local locksmith to fix a loose lock on the door or replace a broken deadbolt on a door inside the apartment. Villas and apartments for rent usually have contracts with local locksmiths – just like tourists from Chicago have their preferred locksmiths in Chicago they contact whenever confronted with a specific problem.

Accidental lockouts while on vacation are not uncommon since tourists tend to be less focused and more relaxed; so leaving the apartment key inside the unit’s lock before heading over to the beach requires them to get in touch with the people who have rented the property and ask for a spare key. There are times when keys get left inside the locks, hence having a duplicate key will not unlock the door. This case asks for professional locksmith help which will be immediately provided by the emergency crews that the villa manager will get in touch with.


Self-help units are also cheaper and will allow you to make your own eating schedule, so in case you are travelling with small children who do not usually obey the strict hotel restaurant eating times followed by adults, will be a huge advantage. You will therefore get to know the local culture better through its tavern and restaurant foods; many tourists enjoy sampling local dishes and drinks they have never tried before; other times you will rather have a lighter or less expensive meal, and this is the magic and freedom of the self-catering system. The large number of different properties you can choose from is an additional reason to take this option into consideration.