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How to book the cheapest vacation flights

Summer is here and it’s time to book your flights for your holiday destination. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the Culebra island or to Alaska, there is no reason why you should spend a fortune on plane tickets. Save this money for fun activities once you reach your destination. The plane will take you there anyway. Here are some tricks to obtain the cheapest flights possible.

Follow airline social networks

It’s become popular practice for airlines to post deals on their Twitter or Facebook page. A low fare can pop up at any time in your newsfeed, so you have to keep your eyes open. The best way to stay on top of it is to turn on notifications for specific airline pages. Whenever they post something you will find out right away. This way, you don’t rely on your newsfeed to show the post on time. It might take hours before you see the deal and by then it’s gone. The best deals are hot and the tickets are booked right away. You have to think and decide fast if you want to stand a chance. You are not the only traveler looking to save money. Be sharp as a hawk and you will get what you want.

Sign up for the latest news

The first thing you must do is sign up for fare alerts at Air Fare Watch Dog. Next, sign up for email newsletters of the major airlines in your country. You will receive deals based on the nearest airport to your home. Check out SkyScanner and sign up for its newsletter as well. You can also like their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter. Here’s another trick: go to their website and type “everywhere” into the destination field. You will see the cheapest options available. This is how the best trips take place: a decision on the spur of the moment followed by a sudden departure.

Book ahead of time

If you are not the spontaneous type and you would rather plan every single detail of your trip, you will be happy to find out that prices are lower when you book the flight several months in advance. Another trick is to travel out of season. There are several advantages to that. First, you spend less on everything:  transportation, accommodation, activities etc. Second, you avoid crowds. It’s so beautiful to have the streets for yourself when you’re sightseeing. The lines at major touristic attractions are significantly lower out of season. If the weather is good enough to carry out your activities, why not travel when nobody else does?

What if you had money?

If you had plenty of money you wouldn’t be worrying about the cheapest flights. You would mainly be concerned with quality of service. Here’s an idea that might end your financial trouble: try your luck at the lottery. Visit https://www.megamillions-lotto.com/how-to-play to learn the instructions. Next time you see someone winning the lottery think that it could’ve been you if you had only bought a ticket. So, don’t hesitate or you will regret it.