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How To Ensure Safety Inside Your Hotel Room

When was the last time you planned a vacation trying to figure out just how safe the hotel you will be staying in truly is? Did you ever do something to make sure you are sleeping in a more secure room while enjoying your vacation to the fullest? If you are not looking for the best accommodation options while receiving support from our Culebra Beach Rental team, we invite you to keep reading and find out how to do things the smart and safe way.

Tips For Reserving Your Hotel Room

  • Inquire if the hotel is safely guarded by security personnel that is available nonstop.

  • Make sure all rooms have fire sprinklers and there is at least one fire extinguisher on each hallway and in the hotel lobby or restaurant.

  • Opt for a room between the second and seventh floors, which should ensure you easy access to the fire department ladder in case there is a an unfortunate incident that might require their presence at the hotel.

  • You can also book a room that is not located nearby vending machines, as well as elevators and stairwells.

  • While you might often times get in touch with an Arizona home locksmith back home whenever you need to check the state of a deadbolt that feels a little loose or you simply need a fresh lock installed on your window, things might not be just as easy as a hotel guest. Why? Because hotel managers are usually the ones who are responsible for the ensuring the security of the venue they are managing. And this also means they are the ones who will sign off a contract with a local locksmith service in their area and use them for specific repair or maintenance services. A good locksmith company also needs to be able to provide clients with 24/7 emergency service in case of accidental lockouts or the loss of room keys – which is a normal occurrence inside any hotel around the world.

Pack Your Bags Carefully

Do not simply assume that the hotel you will be staying at will have a dead bolt by default, nor think it has a privacy latch or chain installed on the main door. It is highly recommended to buy a small rubber door-stopper you should be able to find at any local hardware store and pack it every time you are getting ready to travel.

Upon your arrival at the hotel, do not simply wander in the parking lot or a public space around the hotel, as you will be attracting the attention of potential burglars and kidnappers who are covering those areas. When reaching the front desk, ask the person there or the concierge to tell you how safe the neighborhood is, and which are the safest areas in the city, around it, or on the island, in case you are planning on traveling to a remoter island of pure beauty. Inquire about the local 911-type emergency number and avoid giving away personal information to strangers.