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Luggage Locks: Staying Safe On An Island

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Did you know that hundreds of thousands of suitcases move through airports on a daily basis? A lot of them get stolen or lost.

Protect Your Luggage With Luggage Locks

If you don't want your bag to be the next one that gets stolen or lost in an airport or hotel lobby/room, you will need to do something about it.

  1. One of the most effective protection measures is to use a special lock designed for bags and suitcases. Airport luggage theft is unfortunately all too common nowadays and the thieves are often times TSA airport workers. Kind of makes you feel uneasy, no?

  2. A luggage lock is not by any means impenetrable or invincible, but it will deter thieves or at least slow them down enough for them to get caught. While TSA approved locks can be broken into, the truth is a thief will always look for the easy way in – into a home, car, or luggage. Since they don't want to get caught, they will not risk spending minutes wiggling and poking into locks and padlocks – but will instead aim for suitcases that do not have any locks on them. Of course there are plenty of cases of bags with locks on them that will still get stolen. But if your luggage has complex locks on, chances are thieves will try to avoid the hassle of dealing with it – there are thousands of other lockless bags to try their luck with.

  3. The guys at https://www.locksmithspros.com are professional locksmiths who work nationwide and offer a complete array of services ranging from residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith services. They are available 24/7 and they also answer emergency calls. If you are not very experienced when it comes to locks and keys, get in touch with them and check out their offer or pick their brain. All of the locksmiths who work there are well-trained, licensed, insured, and very friendly. So you should be able to address all of your questions and find out what works bets for your bags.

  4. Your carry-on luggage is the first one to receive your full attention, as it will most likely be hosting your cash, jewelry, and important papers. However, if you wish to place some of these valuables in the bags you will check in, you should install a master lock combination cable luggage lock. It's easy to use, affordable, and highly flexible so you can even use it on zippers and irregularly shaped locks.