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The Fascination For The IMAX Technology

If you are ready to see the Niagara Falls and dig deep into the history of this amazing world, the IMAX technology is your best friend. We guarantee you will have an unforgivable experience compared to the classic edge standing ad watching millions of visitors are used to when coming here. It’s the 21st century and we need to keep up with the latest technology advancements, so it would be a real shame to miss out on the opportunity to discover the Falls in a completely different light and create unforgettable memories.   

What Makes IMAX So Special?

The fact that it is more than a mix of theatre + movie going. You will be able to sit there and not have even the slightest doubt that you are in a completely different location.  You will set foot in a space characterized by scary, intense, and heart-pounding wonder. You will feel you have reached a magic land that you have never seen before, and you will not be able to get enough of it. Just like you would win the huge jackpot prize at the lottery or while playing a fun game of bingo! Speaking of, the game of bingo has also been transferred to a new and different realm in the past years, and you can now use your smart devices to gain access to advanced, rich graphics bingo platforms. You can find an excellent selection of bingo sites at www.luckytouchbingo.com you can gain access to on a 24/7 basis from the comfort of your own sofa and enjoy plenty of welcome bonus rewards and other loyalty bonuses allowing you to play using free money. The price of a ticket is small and can be covered with the help of the money you will transfer to your account using either your credit/debit card or an online e-payment service. New SSL security technologies enable gaming sites to ensure the security of client data and financials so you should not feel any difference when playing online.

Why See The Niagara Falls With The IMAX Experience?


In other words, the advancement of technologies enables all of us to enjoy more perks in various fields, which have the ability of increasing our degree of comfort and satisfaction. We live in the era of speed and to be able to play 90 ball bingo from the comfort of your own home and play several tickets at a time for higher shots of winning is excellent. Not to mention the chance to watch the Niagara Falls in a way that will immediately grabs your senses without being bothered by any frames. The picture is bigger, higher and even wider and you will definitely feel the entire experience in your bones. The mix of architecture and high tech is prone to push the boundaries and the things you will experience here are to be found in any other cinema, and that’s a guarantee. The highest-resolution cameras are used for the projection of the images and the lights are so bright they can be seen from outer space.