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Those Dreamy Endless Vacations That Only Lotto Winners Can Afford

Culebra beach, beautiful islands in the middle of a light blue ocean, peaceful waves on the shore and palm trees stretching to the seawater… it looks like a typical postcard image from Caribbean paradises! Well, Culebra island is, actually, a really enchanting place where you can experience a unique vacation.

The Latest Euro Millions Winners On Culebra For Vacation

Probably, at this point, many of you are thinking that such exotic places are not really affordable for a regular family of people. But the fact is that you should never say never: just take for example the latest Euro Millions winners, they were a pretty normal family in the UK until they had the extremely cool good luck to win the lottery jackpot.

Obviously, this changed the winners’ life and brought many improvements into each member’s life. Now, their financial conditions are largely generous and they can afford to spend a 3-month long vacation on Culebra, one of the most breathtaking islands in the world!

Euro Millions & Other Lottos On LottoSend

Actually, the Euro Millions lotto is one of the most played in the world and it’s also a national game in the UK. But today even people outside the 14 European Countries that are involved in this game’s organization can easily access Euro Millions, along with many more lottos from the world.

In fact, all you should do is to visit the LottoSend platform and, if you want to try an online lotto, to open your new account there. On LottoSend there are many new advantages for online users, of which:

  • Wide range of lottos from the most important places in the world, with special care for Australian lottos
  • FREE welcome ticket as soon as you buy your 1st lotto ticket regardless of the lotto you chose to play
  • All past draw results and today’s lotto results in a one-view comfortable webpage of the platform
  • Many tips, advices and all news from the world of lotto games
  • A 24 h per day Customer Assistance that you can reach by clicking on the appropriate icon
  • Several game options and nee play mode, diversified for each featured lotto game

Free Welcome Bonus Ticket At LottoSend

The advantages of choosing LottoSend for playing lottos are numerous and it would be great for you to personally check the platform and find out what’s more in terms of bonuses and prizes.

Probably, the most attractive gift the team of LottoSend  has for just registered lotto players is the FREE Welcome Bonus ticket. This free gift will be automatically assigned to the player after buying the first lotto ticket.

Basically, this free ticket doubles your chances to win prizes. Moreover, you can choose to select manual numbers on your own or to get already and randomly selected number combinations.

What Are Random Combinations?Random numbers

In a lotto game, random combinations of numbers are sets of numbers for a certain lotto game that are randomly selected by an automatic system, which is based on the SSL system model. A generator software creates sets of numbers that are randomly picked up from the pool of numbers in the game.

Random combinations of numbers are very comfortable to use in the case you are in a hurry yet you want to play your lotto ticket: just one click and that’s all!