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Top things to do on Culebra

Culebra is known to be one of the most beautiful islands in South America. However, because of its image, many people believe that there isn’t much to do there apart from laze around on the beach. This is simply not true. There are many activities to enjoy on the island making it an ideal holiday destination both for beach bodies and adrenaline junkies alike. If you’re looking for ideas for fun Celubra activities then you are in luck. We have put together this list of our top activities for visitors to the island.

For a start, there are plenty of hills and walking trials in the area for you to take a hike on, or even cycle around, where you can get to know some of the local wildlife, including both native and migratory birds. If you decide to hike along the beaches of the island then you can take the opportunity to check out some sea turtles, who will be making their nests.

If you want something a bit more high intensity, then we’d definitely recommend that you try kayaking. Kayaks can be rented either from the Culebra bike shop, or if you want you can opt to go on a snorkel or kayak tour with one of the adventure companies on the island who offer these services.

Maybe you’d like to get out on to those deep blue waves, but you’re not particularly in to kayaking. Not to worry, there are also sailing and fishing boats available and you can even hire a captain. Plus, check out the water taxi service where you can be delivered straight to an out-island.

Finally, Culebra boasts a chilled out but fun night life with live music and some karaoke bars, as well as a couple of clubs which are open late on weekends. For a more peaceful evening, you can always star gaze and have a party on the beach with a couple of friends instead.

Of course, maybe you do just want to spend your time in Culebra just chilling out and relaxing on the beach, then feel free to just do that instead! You can get down to some holiday reading or else catch up on the gossip in your favourite celebrity magazine. Alternatively you could take the opportunity to get down to some meditation, using the relaxing sound of the waves to distress your head. There are also plenty of opportunities for diving and exploring the coral reefs surrounding the island, allowing you to experience the wildlife and underwater landscape of the area. If you’d rather stay on dry land, then why not play on exciting online gambling and bingo games, by checking out sites like the U.K. bingo site bingostrike.org. Plus, there are usually plenty of places nearby where you can go for a drink and try out the local cuisine. Overall, there’s plenty of culture to experience in Culebra – it’s all about how you decide to spend your time!