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What if you were a millionaire?

Imagine this: you have millions of dollars in your account and you are free to spend it as you like. There is no need to worry about rent, food, clothes etc. You will be able to eat where and what you like, live in a mansion or in a luxurious flat in the center of NYC, visit whatever place you want on this earth. What would you do? Here are a few suggestions to take into account.


This is perhaps the first thing on many people’s minds. Traveling sets you free and it enriches your spirit, it makes you see the world with different eyes. Don’t limit yourself to sightseeing and laying on beautiful beaches like the ones in Culebra. Talk with the locals, book your trip around their festivals and enjoy the cuisine. This is how you taste a culture and not just by seeing old buildings and by getting drunk in night clubs.


This is your chance to make a difference in the world. If you want to see someone other than yourself happy, donate money to a charity organization. Do you have a cause you believe in? Maybe you are horrified of what’s going on in Syria, in which case you can send money to the organizations that provide food and medical assistance to the refugees. Or maybe you want to support veterans who live on the street in spite of having fought for your country. Regardless of what you believe in (as long as it’s peaceful and helpful), show your gratitude by donating a part of your money.

Buy a house

Have you always dreamt of having a big house with a huge backyard and a pool where you can relax on sunny days? Your imaginary self has the money for all that. You have so much money that you can buy a house with cash. It sounds amazing, right?  Now, you might think what is the point of this exercise? Is it to see what you could’ve had but never will? On the contrary, the purpose is to put things into perspective, to learn what you truly want and to start taking steps toward making it happen.

Maybe you will never have a million dollars cash, but you could still buy the house of your dreams. Play online poker to win enough money for a down payment and then take a loan. Do you want to travel? If you are good at casino games, you might gather enough money for a trip to Paris or you could actually hit the jackpot at online slots to win millions. Who says you can’t be the person who does all the things mentioned above?

All the reasons why you couldn’t get rich are only in your head and they’re preventing you from taking risks. You have to understand that in order to win you must take a chance. Everybody knows that the first condition is to show up, so gather up the courage to go over your insecurities and play some online poker because you never know if you are the next big winner.