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Why Pack Portable Locks On Your Vacation?

One of the very last items you would ever think about taking along with you on your next vacation to the Culebra Beach is a portable lock. But if you have at least once been through a traumatizing vacation theft incident and you had your wallet or valuables stolen, this might not sound crazy at all. On the contrary, you can never be too safe, no matter how secure of a location you might have picked and how good the reviews might be. When we travel and go on vacations, we tend to unwind and lose our usual focus and regular degree of alertness. And that is when we let our guard down and turn into vulnerable tourists wandering around new places, taking pictures of everything and almost completely disregarding our bags and hotel room keys. It only takes a fraction of a second for an experienced thief to notice tourists with their heads up in the clouds and plan their next hit.

You don't want to be their next victim, do you?

Research The Place!

One of the biggest mistakes a person traveling to a foreign destination makes it not to find out a few essentials about the place: currency rate of exchange, a few basic words and phrases in the foreign language they are about to deal with, average prices for gas, taxi services, restaurant meals, ATV rentals etc as well as any other details that could make a difference (dress code, eating out customs).

Also, make sure you find out what the security measures on the premises are; whats; the crime rate in the city/area? Are tourists the primary targets for snatch-and-run incidents? What about the hotel you will be staying at? Do they use deadbolt locks on the guest room doors? Do they have CCTV systems and alarms? Guards at the main entry door? Secure and well lit parking lots? Fire escapes and fire extinguishers?

Take Extra Safety Measures!

  • It can never hurt to pack a portable lock that matches any hotel room, including no-lock bathroom doors, balcony doors, and other areas you feel you need complete privacy in, but yet you do not feel entirely safe in.

  • If you have zero experience with any kind of locks, get in touch with your regular locksmith in your hometown and have him drop by and recommend the best portable lock options out there.

  • If you have a limited budget you would like to spend on you extra safety measures for your vacation, mention that to your locksmith. A company like nationwidelocksmith.org with a rich experience working with locks, keys, and budgets of all sizes will be quick to give you a hand. While you are at it, see that you leave your home in complete safety before you are ready to head out the door. Check the state of your current locks and gave those in poor shape either rekeyed or replaced with new ones, preferably deadbolt locks.

  • Portable door locks work ideally on both lever as well as knob style doors; they will provide an extra layer of security and more peace of mind as they will be used together with the already existing locks on the door. No one will be able to enter your hotel room even if they have a key unless you let them in personally.

  • They are usually inexpensive and can be easily packed as they are small in size and light-weighted.